Your on­‐demand courier choice for the holiday surge

GoMoto, the premier on-demand motorcycle e-hailing app in the Philippines offers the Filipino market a quicker and more reliable solution for their on-demand logistic needs! Their versatile mobile application matches clients with qualified and professional motorcycle Partner Drivers to provide same day pick up and delivery within Metro Manila in 90 minutes or less!

With a pool of over a hundred fully trained drivers in just six months of operations in the Philippines, GoMoto has the system and ability to address their customers increasing demand amidst the holiday rush.



GoMoto charges just P65 for the initial 3 kilometers and P12 for every succeeding kilometer. In addition, they recently introduced their Corporate Plan that includes scheduled and bulk deliveries specifically catered for businesses.

Nathan Lee, CEO, said: “We have to move things more efficiently now that the holiday season is upon us. We customize logistics solutions for individuals and businesses alike so they can focus on their core business and not worry about their deliveries, collections and even payments for transactions.”

GoMoto ( is perfect for distributing corporate giveaways and gifts to your clients or even last minute shopping needs because their vehicles can maneuver and traverse even the harshest Metro Manila traffic.

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  1. Hi I’m ian this is interesting are you accepting part time riders?I do have my regular job and planning to use my motorcycle during my off or weekends and holidays

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